Digital Hearing Aids

3 Series - Carefree hearing is here
Starkey's 3 Series™ hearing aids are designed to make listening to the things you love effortless. Powerful, yet comfortable, they enhance virtually every listening situation, including noisy environments — and, when used with our SurfLink® accessories, are designed to make enjoying TV, music and talking on the phone easier than ever.
Xino - Good things come in small packages
Small and stylish, Xino hides behind your ear where it’s virtually undetectable. And though it may be small, it’s loaded with the latest digital advancements, including technology specifically engineered to help you hear better in noise, eliminate buzzing and whistling, plus let you talk comfortably on the phone.
X Series - Noise is no problem with X Series
Finally there's a hearing aid designed to let you hear comfortably in noise. X Series hearing aids feature Voice iQ2 and InVision Directionality. Together, these innovative technologies are designed to preserve speech understanding in noise. So you can hear conversations, not commotion.