Wireless Hearing Aids
The most advanced hearing aids Starkey offers, our broad range of wireless options are designed to improve hearing in virtually every setting, and, when combined with our user-friendly SurfLink® accessories, let you enjoy life the way you want - no wires attached. Your hearing professional can help determine which one is right for you.

3 Series - Carefree hearing is here
Starkey's 3 Series™ hearing aids are designed to make listening to the things you love effortless. Powerful, yet comfortable, they enhance virtually every listening situation, including noisy environments — and, when used with our SurfLink® accessories, are designed to make enjoying TV, music and talking on the phone easier than ever.
Wi Series - Listen like never before
Taking advantage of Starkey's latest hearing science and cutting-edge digital technology, Wi Series hearing aids are designed to improve hearing in noise, eliminate buzzing and whistling, plus enhance TV viewing and phone conversations like never before.